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Born in the 1980s, Liu Xiang is one of the best athletes in our country. He is good at running and 110 meters hurdles. He is even the...

Chinese y'all gon' learn Chinese When the pumps go off y'all gon' speak Chinese this hiphop shit could fuck up your head man I know a bunch of...

2 asian men using 2名亚洲男子使用

the relinquishment of all personal assets


1 to win 2 After 3 proud 4 but (also) 5 wonderfully 6 an 7 all 8 can 9 But 10 what 略

Name: Liu Xiang Country: Shanghai, China Achievements: Fourth place of the men's 110m hurdles at 2000 World Junior Championships 110m hurdles ...

答案是: In China, Liu Xiang ( is called ) "Flying Man”. 或者: In China, Liu Xiang ( is known as ) "Flying Man”. 解析: be called ...... be known as ...... 是词组,“被称为”、“被称作”的意思 希望能够帮到你~~

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